Covid-19 situation

By Diana Deetox

Covid-19 situation

The Corona virus is spreading across the world and obviously this has a huge effect on all of us.

Let’s put it first that with everything that is going on in the world right now we can only praise us for being healthy.

Even though I can feel the effects of the restrictions I respect the decisions the government made to fight this virus even now it means that all my bookings until the 1st of October are canceled or postponed.

I was really looking forward to play my new music at the festivals this summer, so not being able to do this makes me a little devastated.

We have to stay positive make the most of it, that’s all we can do for now.

I have been looking for opportunities to keep doing what I love and share my passion for hardstyle with all of you and therefore I started broadcasting livestreams: "Bring The Riot to your home".

The first set I did is now online at my Youtube and the next one will follow soon!

Are there any tracks you would like to hear during the livestreams? Drop you submissions in the comments!

Stay safe and healthy!

X Deetox